Comprehensive Pathology Care for the People

SA Path is a well-established pathology practice, founded in July 2014, by chemical pathologist, Dr Vuyolethu Keti. The first laboratory opened in September 2014 in Mthatha, Eastern Cape. We have since expanded coverage to other provinces, Gauteng, Western Cape, Mpumalanga and Limpopo. We define ourselves by providing quality service and prioritising patient needs.

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Haematology comprises analysis of cellular components in the blood or blood producing tissues, and coagulation factors. Blood or tissue samples maybe obtained for analysis.

Chemical Pathology

Chemical Pathology is biochemical analysis of body fluids (mainly blood and urine) through measurement of concentrations of electrolytes, metabolic products, hormones, proteins, toxins and drugs, for purposes of screening, diagnosing and monitoring disease.


Histopathology is diagnosis of disease through analysis of body tissues, usually biopsies, obtained through surgical excision. Malignancies, infection and inflammation may be identified in the tissues examined.


Cytopathology diagnoses are made through analysis of cellular components of tissues other than blood. Samples are fluid or tissue.


Molecular diagnosis is through analysis and identification of genetic sequences which may be associated with specific disease. Identification may be of organisms causing disease or an individual’s genetic sequences related to a disease or response to treatment. Samples may be fluid or tissue.

Infectious diseases

This comprises Microbiology and Virology which diagnose the source of infections (pathogens), such as bacteria, fungi, as well as viruses. Body fluids, excretions and tissues may be examined.

Who We Are

SA Path is operated under the expert team of pathologists, Vuyolethu Keti and Lesiba Mogotlane whose years of experience combine to provide a quality pathology service.